Digital Dentistry - Cerec Crowns in about an Hour


The digital age has arrived at dentistry’s doorstep. We use digital x-rays to help diagnose dental issues with far less radiation exposure – up to 10X less. Now crowns and bridges can be made using a digital system called Cerec.  Briefly, a digital image is taken of a tooth, a crown is designed using software and then the crown is made in office using a high-tech German milling machine. In about 1 hour a brand new, custom designed permanent crown can be made and seated.

No Messy Impressions Needed

Unlike traditional impressions, which can be messy and uncomfortable, Cerec digital impressions require no impression material making it ideal for those who tend to gag easily.


Broken Tooth to Permanent Crown – In about a hour

CEREC crowns are made of a solid block of ceramic or resin materials. This type of crown is made right in our office during a single visit. There is no need to construct a temporary crown, take impressions for the permanent crown, and wait for the crown to be made at an off-site dental laboratory to be returned about a month later.

This type of crown uses computer technology to take a picture of the tooth that will receive the crown, as well as the surrounding teeth. Thanks to CAD software that works with this system, Drs Rasool and Shah-Hosseini can design the tooth while looking in your mouth, and make sure the color matches the rest of your teeth. Also, because the crown is made from a single block of material, it is considerably stronger than many other types of crowns.