Root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment is a well established and widely used procedure to preserve ones natural tooth and restore it to function.                                                                  It becomes necessary when the nerve inside the tooth is infected or inflamed, or when there is not enough tooth structure remaining to rebuild the tooth with a filling or crown.

How do you know when endodontic/ root canal treatment is necessary?

If you experience considerable dental pain, prolonged sensitivity to cold or heat, discoloration of a tooth, or swelling or tenderness in the nearby gum tissue, see us for an evaluation. Sometimes there are no symptoms and an x-ray is needed to identify problem teeth.

What happens during root canal treatment?

After administering local anesthetic and confirming that the area is numb, endodontic treatment will be initiated. The inflamed/ infected tissue will be removed carefully from the inside of the tooth and the canal space will be cleaned, disinfected and filled. The entire procedure will be done under a microscope, using state of the art instruments. Once treatment is completed in one or two visits the tooth will be sealed with a temporary filling. You will return to the office once all discomfort has subsided for permanent restoration of the tooth.”

How Do I Get Started?

The dental staff of Brookline Dental Center will be happy to discuss this procedure with you and answer your questions. Please feel free to contact our dentists offices for your private consultation.



Doctor Spotlight

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From our patients

“I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Shah-Hosseini as an excellent dentist who does meticulous work. Having lived with dental issues for many years, she was able to recommend and implement a treatment plan, including dental implants and crowns, that has been an amazing success and improved my quality of life. On every visit to the office, I am welcomed by her professional and charming staff, and made to feel totally at ease. Dr Shah-Hosseini is extremely thorough and always gentle and careful to ensure as little pain as possible. She always makes me feel that she has time to answer my questions and concerns. In all, a visit to Dr Shah-Hosseini’s office is a pleasure, something I never thought I would say about going to the dentist! ” ~Patient Review on Dr. Oogle

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