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Great people, great space. This is not your parents’ dental office.*

Adam - Boston, MA

This is such a professional group. Everyone is so nice and the new place is gorgeous!*

Kristina - Waltham, MA

“I’m happy to give my highest recommendation to Dr. Shah-Hosseini and her team at Brookline Dental Center.  I have seen many dentists throughout my life, and I can honestly say that Dr. Shah-Hosseini is the best dentist I have yet to encounter. In addition, my wife is a dentist, and I know that Drs. Shah-Hosseini and Rasool treat many of the local dentists and their families in our community, which speaks volumes of the amount of trust this team has generated in our area. Dr. Shah-Hosseini’s professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge are immediately evident, making patients feel an instant confidence in her work. Through many treatments, I have been struck by her patience, steady hands, and honest manner. Dr. Shah-Hosseini’s work is also supported by an exceptional staff, including Amy and Haley, who have handled my frequent appointment requests with incredible flexibility. Finally, I cannot say enough about the newly renovated office space. Brookline Dental Center truly feels like a relaxing spa, with tasteful designs adding to a comforting atmosphere .In short, I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Shah-Hosseini and Brookline Dental Center to anyone looking for a dentist to take care of them for the rest of their life.

Ray L.

Brookline, MA

“I often tell Faheem Rasool that he’s the best dentist ever. I’m eighty plus and have encountered a good many dentists in my life, so that’s not an empty statement. I consider him and his colleagues at the Brookline Dental Center outstanding practitioners of the art of dentistry. Thanks to them I have the mouth of a much younger man, and I exult in all the pleasures of life a healthy mouth entails.”



Cambridge, MA.

I had my first visit to Brookline Dental Center today and give it two thumbs up — every member of the staff is professional and warmly welcomed me as a new patient to the practice… great music and it did not have the usual institutional feel of a dentist’s office.

Mary M. - Review on Facebook -

I don’t know how much fan mail you get, but I certainly want to add this letter to your collection. I feel that with you I’ve been through an amazing experience of dental medicine at its very best.  Every phase of the whole experience was impressive — but especially the combination of expertise, calm, caring, and the pride you and your colleagues bring to your work.”

Bill S. - Cambridge, MA

“I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Shah-Hosseini as an excellent dentist who does meticulous work. Having lived with dental issues for many years, she was able to recommend and implement a treatment plan, including dental implants and crowns, that has been an amazing success and improved my quality of life. On every visit to the office, I am welcomed by her professional and charming staff, and made to feel totally at ease. Dr Shah-Hosseini is extremely thorough and always gentle and careful to ensure as little pain as possible. She always makes me feel that she has time to answer my questions and concerns. In all, a visit to Dr Shah-Hosseini’s office is a pleasure, something I never thought I would say about going to the dentist! ”

Patient Review on Dr. Oogle

“I have experienced various and complicated dental situations for over five years.  In the past few years I have sought treatment to replace three teeth that I lost due to a bone infection of the jaw.  Because I suffer from several autoimmune conditions, my case is not typical.  I  am pleased to now be under the care of Dr. Rasool and am happy to soon be beginning my journey to complete the restoration of my teeth with dental implants.  Before meeting Dr. Rasool, I had little hope that l would have success with dental implants.  I am grateful to Dr. Rasool for his time, interest, thoughtfulness and expertise, all of which, have inspired in me the confidence that he can improve my current dental situation with implant surgery.   I also appreciate the Brookline Dental Center staff and their pleasantness in accommodating my requests for appointments and other needs.  I am so happy to have found this dental group!”


Atlanta, GA.

I just had an implant done and had a great experience at the office. Dr. Crohin and Dr. Shah-Hosseini were exceptional and took great care with me. Everyone in the office was fantastic.

Nasrin - Toronto, ON.

Not only is Dr. Shah-Hosseini fabulous, but all of the staff are as well. They office is very accommodating, professional and competent. I look forward to going there and have had great experiences. Highly recommended!

Patient Review on Dr. Oogle 

 “I have been going to Brookline Dental Center for several years now and can’t say enough good things about this office. They are all very professional and pleasant and the new office is beautiful.  Dr. Rasool makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed and that helps when you are getting dental work done!  Michelle has been cleaning my teeth for the last 8 years and does such a great job.   In the past the dentist was not my favorite place to go to but now I look forward to my visits with Michelle.  Michelle’s professional, yet pleasant, demeanor lets you know you are in good hands.  I highly recommend this practice.”


Cambridge, MA.

 “I began seeing Dr. Shah-Hosseini after my former dentist retired and sold his practice. I was uncertain about switching to a new dentist but I have to say I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Shah-Hosseini’s work. Her approach to preventative care, attention to detail and concern for the patient is exemplary. Dr. Shah-Hosseini has put in a couple new fillings and suggested replacement of old ones which was not only a health benefit but a cosmetic improvement as well (composite resin filings versus the old amalgam fillings). She was always careful and mindful of ensuring there was little discomfort and the procedures were pain free. When Dr. Shah-Hosseini noticed gum recession, something I had been concerned with for awhile but had not been giving any particular advice from previous dentists, she educated me on the potential longterm issues if I were to ignore the symptoms and recommended I seek further consultation from a Periodontist which I did and received the care I needed. Dr. Shah-Hosseini is very practical in her approach and educates you fully before moving forward with any procedure. I always feel she has my best interests in mind and would highly recommend Dr. Shah-Hosseini.”

Patient Review on Dr. Oogle

Thank you so much for your expertise, knowledge, kindness, professionalism, and thoughtfulness. You are at the top of your field in my opinion and it’s a breath of fresh air to get an honest and fair assessment in the dental world.”

Timothy - Brookline, MA

Dear Kim, Thank you for helping me keep my remaining teeth in my mouth — Best wishes!

Carol and Paul - Boston, MA

 “It is a pleasure to recommend Dr. Neda Shah-Hosseini of Brookline Dental Center as an excellent choice for dental care in the Brookline/Boston area. I began to see Dr. Shah-Hosseini almost two years ago for care after a longer than intended break from dental work. I was nervous seeing a dentist as I knew that I had a lot of work that needed to be done–an implant, multiple crowns and a filling. I need not have worried: Dr. Shah-Hosseini is the paradigm of upstanding compassionate, thorough, modern and professional oral care. She worked with me to determine a treatment plan that incorporated my concerns of oral health, dental cosmetics, cost planning considerations and comfort. With her expert team I was able to have the implant done in the same office by her colleague, Dr. Constant Crohin, my crowns and fillings by Dr. Shah-Hosseini and my cleanings done by the ever thorough hygienist Heidi Matthews. I am more than satisfied with the results–I am thrilled. I have referred two colleagues who have their care fulfilled at Brookline Dental Center and for the first time in my life, I am able to smile with my teeth showing. I am sincerely grateful for the service the team at BDC has provided for me.” **


Brookline, MA.

 “I had been going to BDC since when Dr. Zabinsky owned it, and continued as a patient under Dr. Shah-Hosseini. But the person who spent the most time with my teeth was my dental hygenist, Heidi Matthews. She always gave my teeth the right amount of “tough love” needed from a hygenist! Maybe it’s standard now — or a sign of my getting older — but BDC religiously checked my gum pockets each visit in order to check progress.Overall, I had nothing specially done, just regularly checkups and occasional fillings over the over the years. I have recommended BDC to friends, and am happy to recommend here as well.” **


Manhattan, NY.

 *recommended through Facebook

**recommended through Yelp